Effective Marketing Campaigns

Profiling Your Property

The difference between a poorly planned marketing campaign and an effective plan can be measured by one factor: the final selling price. Our studies show that the best results come from a comprehensive marketing campaign that leads to maximum exposure across a variety of media.


Factors YOU control:

Presentation, motivation, price.

Factors NO ONE can control:

Location, competing properties, market conditions.

Factors WE control:

The marketing plan, communication, negotiation skills.

At Petrusma Property we will advise you on a total package that will be designed to arouse interest among buyers, and will suit your individual property.

We will take into account your unique needs, your property’s location, as well as your desired sale price to determine which package will best suit you. We then employ effective, targeted campaigns that will attract competitive buyers.

Our marketing materials are of the highest quality, giving your property the image it deserves, while showcasing its respective features. Our contemporary, innovative designs create a high level of appeal, and will attract attention to your property.

Marketing is a crucial component of the selling process because it inevitably has a significant bearing on the end result.


The internet is the world’s fastest growing communication medium. For the real estate market it means that potential buyers can access information about your property quickly and easily at their own convenience. It also means that potential buyers aren’t limited to those in the local area, but opens up the possibilities of interstate or international buyers.

Petrusma Property will list your property on the following major sites, ensuring maximum exposure: petrusma.com.au, realestate.com.au, and domain.com.au, plus up to 11 other internet portals. Our own website has consistently won the REIT Communications Award, with its ease of navigation, and fresh looking design.

Real Estate Guide

The weekly Real Estate Guide in the Mercury is one of the primary methods that potential home buyers use to find property. The best way to ensure that your property stands out is through eye catching un-cluttered design, and the size and frequency of your advertisements. Our ads ensure that the best features of your property are showcased, and we highlight key points of interest using easy to follow icons and dot points.

Video Profile

E-Motion Media are proud to present ‘Video Property Profiles’ for Petrusma Property. Engaging and evocative, Video Property Profiles provide potential buyers with an emotive, visual experience. Buyers are not just purchasing a home, they are buying into a lifestyle. Video Property Profiles capture these lifestyles and showcase them to the world. The high-definition video will be available on petrusma.com.au, realestate.com.au, domain.com.au and on our dedicated YouTube channel giving your investment in video maximum online exposure.

Property Signage

The clean fresh layout of our signboards attracts potential buyers, and are the “silent salesperson” working for you around the clock. Personalised boards enable you to highlight the benefits of your property through photography, and easy to follow icons and dot points. The signboards can be complemented with the use of bright “For Sale” banners, creating an eye-catching effect.

Strategically located pointer boards help potential buyers locate your property, and prove to be an effective way to attract interest from people seeking to buy a property in a particular area.

Open For Inspection boards are used during open homes to direct potential buyers and attract attention of passers by.

Open Inspections

Holding an open inspection is be a great way to bring attention to your property. A large proportion of buyers still use open inspections as an information source in their home search.

You will have a wide variety of people stopping by to learn more about your property, including your neighbors (remember, they often have friends and family who are in the market to buy a home and become a valuable source of referral).

Property Brochures

Full colour A4 brochures provide potential buyers with a visual and written reference. They are an effective tool at open homes, and our brochures adopt the same fresh visual appeal as the pages of our glossy magazine.

Window Display

All of our offices offer window display boards of properties for sale, which is an effective way of reaching passing pedestrian traffic and visitors to the agent’s office.


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