Who is Petrusma Property?

Petrusma Property is a business that is passionate about helping people to achieve their personal and financial goals – beginning with our own people, and extending to our clients and community.

Our office environments are energised and focused and our people enjoy coming to work and feel appreciated and celebrated, consistently achieving their best ever results.

Our reputation precedes us and we are not only well known for our outstanding results, but also for our strong values and the integrity we display in all of our dealings. We regularly participate in initiatives that contribute to the needs of others and feel fulfilled as we continue to increase our giving budgets.

Our staff feel fulfilled and some of our biggest fans are their families. We are the company that people want to work for, and both those new to our industry and seasoned professionals regularly join our business and benefit from our positive culture and first-class training.

Our marketing is recognised as ‘best-in-industry’ and our brand carries a fresh, youthful and professional image that both clients and consultants want to align with.

Our systems are streamlined and efficient creating capacity for continual innovation and improvement.

Our Property Management is continually growing and those who experience our service entrust their whole portfolios to our care and encourage others to do the same.

Our First Impressions team is skilled and efficient, helping us to maintain the properties that we manage as well as preparing properties for sale. They also regularly provide practical assistance to those in our community going through a difficult time, thanking them for the opportunity to help.

We have a strong leadership team who are some of our highest performers. They are committed to the continued success of the company and helping our staff to continually raise the bar on our levels of service.

We recognise the opportunity we have to make a difference and we love that we get to do it together!