Choosing Your Consultant

What is the role of a property consultant?

The role of a property consultant is to sell your property at the highest negotiated price the market will pay within your time frame.

It is not the role of a consultant to tell you what they think your property is ‘worth’. There is no ‘exact value’ for your property in any market. Value is relative to the purchaser, and is dependent on demand and competition. Therefore, the market itself determines value.

Accordingly the best consultant will be able to  help you choose the best sale process to maximise your sale price. They will also be able to effectively market your property above its competing properties. Finally, they will be able to negotiate the highest price that a purchaser will pay within your time frame to sell.

What questions should I ask?

Before you choose your consultant, you should consider what you want in your property consultant.

Does your consultant have?

  • An excellent understanding of your needs
  • High level integrity and reliability
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Enthusiasm about your property
  • Strategic marketing skills
  • Outstanding product knowledge
  • First class service
  • A large network of buyer contacts
  • The ability to negotiate the best result

Does the company you choose have?

  • Effective marketing to 100% of the market place
  • Strong local presence with well presented offices
  • High profile and strong reputation
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Latest technology and resources
  • A large team combining property knowledge, experience and effort


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