Boost Your Sale Price

Find out how you can boost the potential selling price of your home!

Our Top Tips:

  • Have the mail box in good order, straight and in the best accessible position – get a new one if need be
  • A well maintained lawn, neatly trimmed shrubs and a clutter-free porch welcomes prospects
  • Fill holes in the driveway, clean off oil stains and keep paths tidy, making the right ‘cared for’ impression
  • Clean all windows inside and outside
  • Clear out all excess materials in the garage
  • Ensure the doorbell is working
  • Paint the front door and have the door knocker shining or get a new one
  • Wash all weatherboards and external cladding
  • Clear all cobwebs
  • Straighten and repair all fences
  • Tighten loose door knobs and oil hinges
  • Repair broken windows
  • Remove all rubbish from gutters
  • Make sure gutters, fascia and down pipes are well maintained
  • Weed garden beds and cut back overgrown bushes
  • Keep dirty washing out of sight
  • Shampoo carpet if necessary, wash walls, clean blinds
  • Eliminate clutter from and organise cupboards
  • Create room by storing excess furniture to give a better feeling of space
  • Place furniture so there is an easy traffic flow from room to room
  • Remove some posters, pictures and photos to create a feeling of spaciousness
  • Let the sun shine in – keep curtains and blinds open for maximum light
  • Ensure all light bulbs are working and install moderately priced light fittings where there are bare globes
  • Your kitchen should look warm, welcoming and efficient – no dishes in the sink and smelling fresh
  • Keep the fridge spotless
  • Repair fly screens
  • Degrease the oven
  • Keep the stove sparkling
  • Keep bathrooms spotless – have fresh soap and neatly hung towels
  • Ensure all bathroom and kitchen tiles are in excellent order and shining
  • Repair all cracks in plaster and repaint where necessary
  • Install new washers on dripping taps
  • Do not have a running toilet cistern
  • Open enough windows to allow fresh air into the house
  • Clean aluminium window tracks
  • Keep fresh flowers in the house
  • Place plants in strategic spots, where space permits
  • Hang mirrors where they will reflect light
  • Have soft music playing
  • Clean fireplace or wood heater
  • Remember a warm house is welcoming


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