Attracting the Right Buyer

Your property is likely to be one of your greatest assets both financially and emotionally.

The true value of your home is often a combination of those two factors: your perceived value of your home and the fiscal value to someone else.

One reason why properties do not sell, or do not sell at the highest price, is because of poor market exposure. By investing up to 1% of its value in a strategic marketing plan you can present your home to potential buyers as you see it, maximising its true potential.

A successful marketing campaign will cover as many different advertising mediums as is appropriate. Quality products will also send out a strong message to the marketplace, and will attract genuine buyers to your property.

Marketing insures you against underselling your property by highlighting your property’s real value, elevating your property above others similar to yours and attracting the buyer who is prepared to pay the best price. Marketing needs to be seen as an investment.

What makes for an effective marketing campaign?

Internet Exposure 

Any good online marketing strategy will include the two major real estate online portals –, With over four million property seekers visiting their site each month, is a major vehicle used by buyers across the nation.

In addition, a high quality agency website will combine to give your property exposure to the millions of property searchers located locally, statewide, nationally and overseas.

Property Guide

Anyone in Hobart searching for a property at some point will pick up a Mercury Real Estate Guide. The Mercury Real Estate Guide is a Hobart institution. It is published every Friday with a circulation of around 55,000 copies.

Using a combined approach including both the internet and the Mercury Real Estate Guide is a proven formula for a successful sale. Large well designed print ads complimented by an equally well strategised web based campaign casts the net out far and wide to attract as many potential buyers as possible.


The most effective signs are not generic plastic ‘for sale’ boards. A good sign takes the very best features inside your home and displays them at the front of your property, for all to see.

A good agency will design eye catching  photo signs, highlighting the benefits of your property with useful information to potential purchasers. It will include the quality photos, and easy to follow icons and dot points. Your sign is your silent sales consultant, working for you outside your property around the clock.


Every buyer wants to see a floor plan of the properties they are considering. This allows them to ‘walk-through’ your property long after their initial visit (or before), giving them a ‘bird’s eye view’.

A quality floor plan can show off the extent of your property and items that are easy to miss. This allows buyers within the privacy of their own home to see the full potential of your property, and imagine it as theirs.


High quality premium brochures are an excellent way of ‘making the most of every opportunity. When taking enquiry, or showing your home, a good consultant will have material on hand that highlights the features and benefits of your property in detail.

Brochures should be provided to all potential purchasers at open homes, private inspections and during office enquiries.

Quality Photography

A picture can tell a thousand words. Photos are used in every sales medium, including internet ads, Real Estate Guide, signboards, brochures, office photo displays and so on. Great photos will sell your home without words, but a bad photo can send the wrong or even a negative message.

High quality photography is an integral part of successfully presenting the key ingredients of your marketing plan.


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