Sandra enjoyed a career in financial services which lasted for over eight years. Previous to her financial services role, Sandra enjoyed long term employment working with unemployed people through the Salvation Army and Mission in her position as Program Superviser (work for the dole scheme). Over the years she has also spent a lot of time taking part in volunteer work, which involved helping and mentoring youth, as well as spending time assisting underprivileged and unemployed people within the community.

Sandra is genuine, honest and wants to help our clients to achieve their real estate goals and dreams. To Sandra real estate is all about people, real estate is for everyone. She believes to succeed you need to build relationships, be transparent in your dealings, and keep it ‘real’. Listening is key!

Time with family and friends is what energises Sandra. Her aim is to work hard and be successful at what she does, to enable her to provide support to her family in a financial sense and through positive living and a good lifestyle.

Sandra loves the beach and swimming, and is aiming to master surfing (though she says she is much better at body boarding!). She and her partner in recent months have taken up the ‘Winter Swimming Challenge’ after a trip to Russia. Music is a must, she especially enjoys seeing local bands. She also enjoys regular bike riding, walking, and likes to travel.




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